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misandry bubble

The misandry bubble theory, first proposed in an article by a blogger called "The Futurist", posits that the current state of feminism and misandry will reverse itself by 2020. According to the article, the "misandry bubble" will "pop" due to four factors:

  • men taking the red pill
  • the advent of sexual entertainment technologies (like virtual reality and sexbots)
  • an exodus of men from the West to countries uncorrupted by feminism
  • and men going Galt
Even though a reversal of feminist advances is highly unlikely, and even though the majority of men don't particularly care about feminism or consider themselves oppressed, most denizens of the manosphere are unrealistically optimistic about the popping of the misandry bubble, reminiscent of many religious fundamentalists' confidence that the second coming is actually going to happen. Now little MRA's, simply wanting something to happen doesn't make it happen.

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