Needing thoughts about an ex

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November 28, 2019

My ex and I recently broke up. I was blind sighted but am starting to process things a bit more clearly now. I thought he was perfect for me. We had the same values, same goals, many similar interests and got along great! We were together nearly a year when everything ended. As I process and thing back, in the beginning we had talked about waiting until marriage to have sex and our views on that. His views had begun to change a big just because of his age. He still wanted it to be with someone he loved and respected and saw himself marrying and everything, just maybe before marriage. He began to get upset that our physicality wasn't more for where we were in our relationship. I also found out that he watched porn and masturbated multiple times a week. I didn't love this, but tried to be somewhat understanding of his sexual frustrations and wanted to be sure it wasn't an addiction or anything we would have to deal with. He did not like talking about it. He would also make jokes about threesomes and other deviant acts. What happened here?

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Title Needing thoughts about an ex
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Date 28 November 2019 08:58 PM UTC (1 year ago)
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