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Quick and short TRP reaffirmation

by Fedor_Gavnyukov | October 15, 2017 | TheRedPill


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So I'm texting with an old friend (chick, ex fwb) of mine. She's early 30's now (post wall), pretty hot still but you can see some wear coming in fast, single (of course), no kids. She had a constant slew of boyfriends, some serious and some not. In between boyfriends it was CC city. This girl is also one of those girls that wants only the best things. Always had dudes pay her way, took her traveling, fancy restaurants, resorts, etc. Instagram filled with pics of her and friends going to expensive brunches, food pics, you know the drill.

Now, this girl is trying to shed her old ways and turn herself into this spiritual guru/whatever the fuck yogi etc. Anyway, today she tells me that she has changed her criteria for men (lel). From the horse's mouth: "I look for less physical characteristics now and the stability of a man. I want to settle down already and want peace, quiet, security, and easy life. Everything else I already had and its boring".

Here we go fellas, just like TRP says, now that they're post wall someone needs to upkeep the lavish lifestyle, pay her vacations, brunches, and most important - easy life. How to do it? Find a rich guy that's older and lock him down with some kids. Btw, she's told me on numerous occasions before, that a woman's life is supposed to be easy and free for them to do what they want. I've shut that shit down quick with some counter arguments and the hamster spun full throttle until she couldn't keep up so subject was changed every time by her saying that I just "don't get it". OK.

Anyway, friendly reminder. AWALT.

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[–]Ezaar5 points6 points  (0 children) | Copy

Some humans will change how they manipulate.

[–]zeeohsixer0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

She's trying to find the best deal for herself, its just business. Plan accordingly.

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