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Is prettyboymaxxing legit?

January 12, 2023

Looking at pictures of some incels gets me thinking that not all of them are unsalvageable, particularly the ones who don't have a hideous face (I can't relate unfortunately). Think of a short framelet with soft facial features - objectively speaking he lost the genetic lottery hard and will always be unattractive to the overwhelming majority of women, but perhaps he could hit a niche if he played his cards right. For example if he grew out his hair, paid close attention to grooming, did light make up and anything else related to softmaxxing basically.

While that would likely have the opposite effect to an extent and make him even more repulsive to straight women in general, the idea is of course to hit that specific niche. There is supposedly one female here who is horny for such a look (you know who it is), but I'm 50/50 on whether it's a larp so I want everyone's opinion here on the legitimacy of prettyboymaxxing.

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Title Is prettyboymaxxing legit?
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