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May 15, 2020

i am quite interested in tiktok, and there is a large amount of feminist posts on there, i completely appreciate feminism because it normalises equality for all. But i lot of tiktok comments have come to my attention so i decided to screenshot them. they were all to do with killing all men and that they were disgusted that they were attracted to men. i was extremely upset by this, so i posted it.

after a few nice comments a lot of my female audience comes at me about being “sexist” and believing in “1940s lifestyle” i keep saying that i am completely for equality, but what you are doing isn’t equality.

i got comments such as “when we say kill all men, we mean you”

“petition to kill all men”

“i agree, men are horrible”

this absolutely disgusts me how they can get away with calling the male gender these horrible words, everyone would care if a male said it, but since they are female everything is fine.

loads of my female audience either block me or spam me with dms, i am extremely scared for later generations who will have to deal with a worse version of this.

please comment suggestions or your experiences with misandrists :)

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this did not age well

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