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Middle school as a dude

May 16, 2020
  1. Constantly ridiculed for having balls, culprits being praised as “badass and independent young women.”
  2. Female teachers and classmates treat me as some sort of stupid child.
  3. Not allowed to mind my own business and stay silent, then I’m a creep.
  4. Not allowed to participate in class,then I’m perceived as annoying.
  5. Can’t talk about 1-4 to school staff/counselors because it always ends me as being seen as some sort of abuser.

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Dude you are NOT alone. I'm here to say that there are men out here to support you. I am one of them. Feel free to pm me if you want to chat. I'm raising my nephew right now and he's 11 and even though he may be younger than you he's pretty much going through the same thing. Don't give up hope.

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