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A little can go a long way

October 27, 2022

Hoping this is ok here, thought I'd share a positive win I had with my wife, hoping it can help someone out.

My wife texted me that she was having a really bad day. Another woman at her work is a huge bitch and causes a lot of problems. It just hit me that I could help her out when she got home. All it took was me getting dinner ready a little faster, grabbing her favorite cider out of the garage fridge, and queuing up her favorite movie.

It took less than 5 minutes to set up. When she got home I plopped her on the couch shoved a cider in her hand and pressed play on the Blu-ray. She was almost in tears with what I did. I grabbed two plates, and we happily watched The Two Towers.

Really reminded me that a tiny bit of thought can go along way. Its easy to get into a transactional relationship with your partner, so go out of your way to simply be nice.

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It's nice to hear, something more positive come up here

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