Had a Beta moment and I need advice to what to do.

I'm currently seeing a LTR for about 6 months. She's nice and we get along. No problems in this front.

Prior to the LTR a girl I initially matched prior on hinge (pretty cute) didn't reply after some back and forth. That's fine man moves on.

About a month into the LTR the hinge girl replies back but I was already committed. I continued the convo but ultimately decided not to meet up with her and left meeting up open in the future

Throughout the LTR I was thinking about ending things as after hinge girl messaged I realised there was no spark with current LTR anymore. I knew I had a crush on hinge girl but I don't cheat and didn't want to act rash especially when she aired me first.

Fast forward to today hinge girl has new pic with likely new bf

Clearly I'm still betacucked on this hinge girl but need some advice on how to get over her and whether I should continue with my own LTR seeing as Ive got my mind on someone else?