I used to be redpilled (pua), but I swallowed the blackpill instead without even attempting to do cold approaches (due to fears of MeToo/False Accusation after consensual sex). I have a little hope in me after 2 years of being blackpilled so that’s probably why i’m leaning a little bit into the redpill.

I want to atleast try a couple attempts of cold approaches before REALLY accepting the nihilism of the blackpill.

I only plan on hooking up with cougars or becoming fwb with a cougar (if I really like her) for the time being until I feel like I have full experience to easily chat up women. (It will never get to the point where I become a Beta Bux for single moms and I’ll make sure that it won’t happen.)

If it helps, i’m a Skinnyfat (working on that) Male 18 sub 3-4 (in looks) (UK).

The only game that I remember during my redpill days was (OHCL) Open (Easy after defeating approach anxiety), Hook (Struggling on that), Comfort, Lead, strong eye contact and Shit-tests (Haven’t mastered that yet).

Advice would be great and I’ll let you guys know with a future update post when I lose my virginity to a cougar.

(The reason why I’m going after cougars is because I feel like they have more experience in bed + I’d love to make an older women feel like she’s in her early 20s again).