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Second date?

September 27, 2021

I went on a date with this chick, we had only spoken for 2 days and she asked to meet. She showed interest during the whole date and tried to come off as a good girl (date didn’t escalate). Thing is she was really weird about her Instagram, only has like 70 followers and told me she was super private. The day after the date she removed me from following her on Instagram but still has me on Snapchat? I’m thinking of texting when the weekend is near or should I just let her go? She’s hard to read..

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Don't play into that shit. Matter of fact, don't even bring it up. Focus on your goals, and get another chick. If she reaches out, set up another date. If she flakes? Fuck her. More fish in the sea. Keep it pushing. If it's no longer fun, I'm out is what I live by. Fuck trying to decipher an elaborate riddle. Its way too much pussy out here for that...

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