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Text game/online game

October 17, 2021

Im having a hard time getting replies or girls not canceling dates. What are some resources or examples y'all could point me to.

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texting doesn't need to be fancy/funny/entertaining. don't try to increase attraction over text. the attraction is either there or it isn't. my text convos are pretty boring tbh and focus mainly on logistics of our next meetup.

want girls to flake less and text back more? increase your SMV! hit the gym, lower your body fat percentage, add muscle, get your grooming on point, make sure your style/way you dress is on point, make sure your dating pics are amazing, get your money/career up. oh and pray to the height gods that they'll bless you with some extra inches.

lastly if you're slightly autistic around girls you'll have to learn how to communicate with them normally and confidently (if you have normal/cool friends and you socialize a lot this shouldn't be a problem)

in regards to online dating stuff just message back and forth a couples times, you can compliment them on something you see in their pics, you can ask questions, etc... goal is to show them your normal and not autistic, then just ask them of they're interested in meeting for coffee (or whatever you wanna do for a first date). again though her replying hinges on how she perceives your SMV to be, not how fancy your texts are

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Minecraft is a pretty cool online game, should teach you how to lay the wood.

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