So I'm 31, married. Never wore my ring after wedding day.

I went for an intensive course in my City. Two weeks. Came with a hotel stay and I took it because free 5 star hotel and food and no driving home . Wife showed up the first night but otherwise been away.

Anyway met this 25 year old hottie. Same city, different company. We chatted up and got close but professional. So first Friday she asks me about weekend plans. So I ask her out on a date. We were meant to go a fancy restaurant place but went to a fair we saw on our way. Had a good time. Told her I was interested. But she told me she likes me but I won't like being her boyfriend, but she thinks she'd make a good wife. Like she won't be a good girlfriend for me. But would be a good wife.

What does this mean exactly?

Anyway I thought I'd been turned down with no chance. But offered to drop her home. When we got there I was invited in and she moved in for a kiss. Had sex twice. She asked me to stay the weekend and we worked, worked out, watched Netflix, had more sex. I left on Sunday. She asked me where I lived and I mentioned my pied-e-tierre. Went back home then the hotel. Got a hope you arrived safely message. Friday is the last day of the course. Back to being professional

Why did I get laid? Think I should try again?