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1233 Youtube Girl Tells her 170k Subs how She Skipped taking BC to get Pregnant Without BF Knowing. Then doesn't let BF be with His Son. Wear a condom. Red Pill Example RedPillMeditations /r/TheRedPill 04/04/16 02:50 PM
59 [FR] First FR - MILF at the Gym... and Mandex. Just Approach! Field Report RedPillMeditations /r/TheRedPill 01/02/16 02:15 PM
47 Banged Tinder Girl on First Date - She mentions after sex, that she doesn't know if we should have fucked - Tons of shit testing. i.e. "I'm not fucking you" RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 12/06/16 12:36 AM
25 Girl Starts Talking Crazy After Sex. Says She Might Regret it. Need Advice. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 10/03/15 01:19 AM
14 Girl Gives me Her Boyfriend's Number... LOL Field Report RedPillMeditations /r/TheRedPill 05/02/16 10:07 PM
12 Every Number I Get, She Has a Boyfriend. Doesn't Tell Me. When to text? RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 05/02/16 06:03 PM
4 Good Summer Job to Increase Social Skills? RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 25/06/15 12:56 AM
3 Single Mom as a Plate? Need advice from experienced members RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 19/12/15 03:53 AM
3 Hot Recently Divorced MILF from Gym Shit Test RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 31/01/16 07:49 PM
2 Need Help. Male Hamstering? Getting Attached. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 10/02/15 01:36 AM
2 Back to Back Shit Tests. Under Fire. Need Help. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 04/04/15 09:44 PM
2 Getting Ready to go to Huge State College. What should I be doing to prepare so I can have the best experience possible? RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 17/06/16 09:58 PM
2 After most sex with different girls in my life, suddenly complete failure. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 18/09/16 10:32 PM
2 Finding out she has a BF, and potential plate (not sure if worth it) RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 02/01/16 10:22 PM
2 Going to College at 23 Years Old. Advice?? Live in a Dorm? RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 08/03/16 11:33 PM
0 How to get Cougars? Mentor me. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 27/02/15 06:45 PM
0 Potential Plate, Roommates, and Jealousy. RedPillMeditations /r/askTRP 07/02/15 09:47 PM

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