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1086 Bad things will always happen to you. Use adversity as motivation to succeed, not an excuse to self destruct Building Power ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 04/08/18 02:04 AM
636 The "Real" Red Pill: If we're not getting them pregnant, is sex just a fancy way to jerk off? Existential crisis Meta ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 08/08/18 05:45 PM
316 Submissive women can have their downsides in relationships too LTR ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 17/08/18 08:27 PM
134 Group Dynamics. Hierarchies. Leadership skills are great for some, but we also really need people who can follow, take orders and get shit done without trying to be team captain all the time. Culture ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 28/01/19 04:58 AM
100 The "alpha rock star" myth and other traps of the celebrity industrial complex. Culture ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 05/08/18 10:42 PM
45 What your body says about you(why being fit will always help) Fitness ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 02/07/18 01:42 AM
29 Forget the hierarchy, just don't give her too many reasons not to fuck you Red Pill Theory ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 31/07/18 06:28 PM
6 The "funny fat guy" "the nerd" "the party animal" What other limiting identities exist for men? Red Pill Theory ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 02/07/18 04:14 AM
4 If tall men really had an evolutionary advantage, they would not be the minority Red Pill Theory ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 29/08/18 04:05 AM
1 PSA: Wrap it up. Internet history shows "herpes" one of the most common searched done before committing suicide. Science ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 07/08/18 03:45 AM
1 Facebook wants to create The Matrix, and millions will willfully jump in [link] Meta ebaymasochist /r/TheRedPill 17/08/18 06:45 PM

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