I was at the same time letting go of my heavy caffeine addiction, and I went cold turkey too so I remember getting bouts of psychosis (which is a disconnected feeling from reality, felt like I was being pulled outside my body in a 3rd person type way) I dove right in the blackpill at the same time, and this was during my last year of high school, realizing I was going to miss out on prom, teen love, my mom never was going to get grandchildren from me cause I accepted dying alone as a virgin, I had just turned 18 too and I knew it was over. It took awhile for the psychosis to wear off but knowing an education was worthless to me, going to the gym was also pointless, cause at that point I didnt care anymore about being or looking strong cause my height, face, and d size did not match what a Chad would be, so I walked away and here I am now an 24year old inkwell.