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Getting a gf/wife/fwb is NOT BASED ON MERIT

February 27, 2023

It's so funny that nobody's noticing all those crazy oofy doofies slobs all around the world with decent looking GFS.

It's crazy to believe but it's true.

We live In a unmeritocratical world and no one wants to admit it. We were just fed to believe in those "meritocratical lies" choked down our throats by the media, society and parents since we were born.

"If you do X you will see results"

"Do Y and you will earn attention from women"

"Just Ignore bro, and she will chase you."

This is farther from the truth, the truth is that we live in a world were NOTHING MAKES SENSE AT ALL, everything is based on FUCKING LUCK.

That's the real truth and no one's to accept that.

Forget all this pills nonsense. I seeing all the RP mgtow pua beliefs being completely destroyed by REALITY.

The reality is:

  • the lazy unproductive low IQ low labor man is getting LAID without doing any self improvement bs

Listen, I'm not saying that by DEFAULT, the average lazy slob will get laid/gf. Don't misunderstand this.

I'm saying that we have an "FACTOR X", that's COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO what we call "MERIT or HARD WORK or GAME" or whatever.

Factor X is completely the problem, and X being completely multifactorial. We could have a million reasons why you don't have a gf/not getting laid. But not everything in life is so single to explain. Those "pills" that were created by "human" are just a ideology to try to simplify the unmeritocratical world we live in.

Getting a gf/wife/fwb is NOT BASED ON MERIT, it's that FUCKING SIMPLE!

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