the patriarchy has set it up so men are in charge and that they call all the shots and can’t do anything wrong, women and girls are still oppressed. Look at world leaders, how many of them are women? Most are balding middle aged white men. This means that we have a system where men are deemed to be right and women are wrong

boys are often treated like they can’t do anything wrong

men like power and control and they like to dominate. Having a young girl at their beck and call excites them because they hold all the cards.

I’m hopeful that with the younger generations new parenting styles and teaching boys that they are not immune to the law and need to treat girls and women with respect we will start to see a change

[After I pointed out that the above comments were divorced from the reality of the male experience:]
It seems rather that you may be ignorant to the female experience living in a male dominated world.

most men are violent sexual deviants
[after I asked how the above comment was acceptable:] Can’t be a controversial statement if it’s not wrong 🤷

The majority of men do this [groom underage women]

I believe most men are hidden pedophiles

So why doesn’t [grooming underage boys] happen from women???

And people wonder why male abuse victims seem scarce and don't want to be vulnerable. "There are resources! There are safe spaces!" Nope, the only truly safe spaces I've found are with individual therapists. All the rest have just warped into circlejerks about how all men are predators and all predators are men.

I didn't call anyone names or resort to personal attacks, but guess whose comments were removed, and whose were allowed to stay up. I guess male childhood abuse survivors are just supposed to "man up" and go fuck ourselves. Heaven forbid we have the very feelings and boundaries that these support groups claim to celebrate.