Hi everyone,

The sub is growing slowly but steadily. To help with the increasing activity level, I've added a few rules into the sidebar. I'm trying to keep the rule set very simple for now. I'm sure it will need occasional adjustments as the sub continues to grow.

I've also added post flairs and the ability to sort posts by flair. The categories are fairly broad because I don't like it when flairs get too granular. So news articles and opinion essays fall under the "new/opinion article" tag, and books, movies, TV, music, and ads are all under the "entertainment media" tag.

So far, the existing tags seem to cover everything. More can always be added if the need arises.

Thank you all for your continued efforts to point out misandry. Even though society is awash in it, that normalization of male-directed sexism can paradoxically make it even *more* difficult for people to see.