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Men without fathers

August 22, 2022

Did you grow up without a father what was it like for you? Because that is my story. Currently looking for men's stories and their experiences strength and hope. Jonathan

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Title Men without fathers
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Date August 22, 2022 5:33 AM UTC (1 year ago)
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grew up without a father figure! I did have a dad, but he was basically just there. No help or anything, he was always hateful towards anything I did and physically abusive. Once I found out I'm not straight, his homophobia started putting me into heavy depression. (He was also racist, and almost got into jail for about 2 years for his racism). I'm just struggling and fighting to go through my days, it's very difficult. It's not that bad cus he never really intervened with any of my problems ir anything so I was left to handle them on my own, because if he ever did, it did not turn out alright

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