Many of you may oppose me for a long-distance relationship, but I am in this situation now because the country's situation is not good. I had a plan to leave the country. When I first entered the relationship, I was quite inexperienced, and the girl's respect for me had already diminished. After discovering the red pill philosophy, I ended the relationship. But she persistently tried to contact me and attack women around me to find out if I was in a relationship She called and cried constantly, even apologized for her actions. But when I decided to give the relationship another chance, I made sure to maintain my boundaries. The girl constantly attempts to manipulate me, almost every day feels like a battle of manipulation. The last time, she sent me a lovebombing message before going to bed, and I didn't respond because I was going to sleep. Since I said 'good morning' when I woke up the next day, she has been ghosting me for the last 4 days. She didn't respond to my message that day. What I don't understand is why the girl, who was pleading for me to come back until yesterday, is acting this way. I'm trying to maintain my boundaries in the relationship. She often disrespects me by claiming I feel inferior when I don't do what she wants and by complaining repeatedly. Every time I talk to her, she brings up the same issue for 3 or 4 days. all I care about is to grasp the redpill philosophy thoroughly I don't give a fuck about the relationship, one goes and the other comes, does the girl think she is taking revenge on me? I'm already a plate spinner in the relationship but she doesn't know that :)