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I don't believe in myself

June 20, 2022

I'm a 17 year old kid and I am a quarterback. As of today I am reinventing my throwing mechanics and learning a whole new way of throwing and I have summer practice starting Thursday. I am so discouraged and I am putting in the work but Im scared of shitting the bed because Im reworking my mechanics. I have been playing quarterback since I was 6 and trained my ass off with trainers since i was 8. I always play on all the good teams and all star teams except Im always the backup. The only time I started was 6 & 7th grade years where I got my head kicked in and then I got my head kicked in my freshman year and then my sophomore at a lower tier school I shat on all the JV kids and then did average on varsity with my coach telling me how much of a piece of shit i was for no reason (This coach lives off his dad paying his rent and his 6 banger camaro his dad bought him and he plays madden all day). I have no confidence in myself and I feel like I suck at everything except football. And i'm not even that good at that it feels like especially having to overcome everything I was ever taught right now and I work a shit load harder then the guys who are recruited but they're better then me. I had to transfer out of 3 (transferred to a premier high tier program after first semester of sophomore year but I got no reps so i left for my fourth school) I have no faith in myself. Please help me. My dad calls me a fucking pussy and a crybaby because I always complain about how i suck instead of looking on the bright side. Also, I hate myself because I feel like I'm not good at anything else and I don't relate to anybody my age. I have no friends and everyone says how mature and old I act. I work on the way I look and I'm not saying i'm doing everything I possibly can but I'm pretty ugly for how hard I work. I'm like a 6.5-7. I have abs but I have a very wide frame and they aren't the 8 pack skinny boy abs but I can't bulk up and get a super wide manly frame because I'm a quarterback. And I have big ass legs with no thigh gap. Only things redeemable are my hair, my eyes, and my white teeth but I have a dorky ass smile so that doesn't even matter. The girl I lost my virginity to was an 8 but she was a psycho alcoholic so that doesn't mean much and my first kiss was a 8 but she was nuts too. I only have one full fuck body and 3 giving/receiving head bodies. So as you can see I have nothing except football and I don't even believe in myself.

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[–]St3phanW 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

First of all, take a chill pill, you are 17. You don’t have to be perfect. A few points:

It does seem like football is the only thing in your life. Keeping it as a hobby is fine, but there are many better ways to spend your time. My experience with sports in a high level is that it very often isn’t very good for your development. I had a friend who played sports at a very high level, it consumed his entire teenage years and eventually it turned out he wasn’t good enough (as very few are). He missed out on a lot of socializing, and is now not really well adjusted due to him always pursuing sports. I’m not familiar with how sports in the US work, but I would just drop down to lower level teams and make friends with the guys there. If there is no one in the whole football team that wants to be your friend you have to take a hard look at yourself.

Focus on school. Right now is when you lay the foundations for your future. Get your grades to a descent level and make sure you get properly educated. This is way more important than any of the football stuff.

Hit the gym. Not because of girls, but because it is a good way to relieve stress and boosts your confidence.

It reads a bit like a teenage tantrum, which it kinda is. Go out there, step out of your comfort zone and enjoy your teenage years. As you get older and have more experiences, you’ll calm down.

[–]tomtomjim123[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Yes this is kind of a tantrum. I overthink shit and can't get it off my chest. and that Makes sense. My grades are good (3.9 GPA) I just don't think school is that helpful but I do my best in it. And I had friends on my 2nd school team but I just don't talk to them as much. and my 3rd school everyone was cool with me but that's because they cheated off my tests and homework and also used me as a free ride to shit

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