so there’s this girl i’ve known for about a month, we had only talked a few times since i’d only seen her like twice. i thought she was hot so i got her snap and a week later i told her we should do something over the break, she said she’s down. 5 days later i completely forgot i even texted her and she asked me to come over, it was around 9pm.

so i went over and she was a little bit tipsy, not drunk. she was immediately touchy and flirty w me (bj eyes all night long). eventually we were making out and escalated pretty fast, but then she pulled away and said “i’m not that easy, you’ll have to take me out first” so i played it off cool and ended up trying to get in her pants like 3 other times, it kind of made it hot in a way, just all this tension that kept building. didn’t end up fucking but by the end of the night she was sober and really clingy and constantly saying how attractive i was and talking about when i’ll be back etc.

3 days later it was new years so i invited her to come party. after that text she went full big dick mode and was acting very hard to get. after a few times i could tell she was acting careless i jokingly said “well then no date” she replied “everyone is replaceable” i played that one off really cool and didn’t really care cuz she shit testing me but after a few more messages i just kinda ended the conversation. now it’s been like 5 days and we both haven’t talked. is she shit testing me to see if i’ll cave and text her? orrr crazy bitch that needs to be put in her place?