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I've given a lot of thought lately into potentially moving out of the country (maybe Eastern Europe) if not just for the better marriage/divorce l...
questionsbadcreddit690/r/TheRedPillStories24/06/19 06:39 PM

I've been a part of the redpill community for about six months now but have been aware of the manosphere since I was about 20 years old (i'm 2...
badcreddit690/r/askTRP14/01/19 09:35 PM

badcreddit690/r/TheRedPill22/05/19 01:58 PM

Since my redpilling I've thought a lot about odd couples. I feel like everyone knows at least one couple where the partners have drastically different...
badcreddit690/r/askTRP16/01/19 10:19 PM
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