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746 Feminist lives as a man for 18 Months and makes some profound conclusions... Meta gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 24/10/16 01:35 PM
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342 Post-Wall Bimbo Pam Anderson slams Porn as 'corrosive', and the men who enjoy it 'losers'... Meta gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 02/09/16 02:42 PM
116 Women are INCAPABLE of cheating!! gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 01/10/16 01:33 PM
83 "My girlfriend discovered I masturbate to porn and went NUTS..." gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 01/07/16 11:30 PM
23 Transactional Analysis and Relationships Off Topic gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 06/12/16 12:29 PM
20 Thought exercise on demons for recovering Blue Pill addicts... Meta gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 08/06/16 02:35 PM
5 Sir Cliff standing up false abuse claims gjs628 /r/TheRedPill 17/10/16 07:12 AM
4 Irrational Mother and Cancer scare gjs628 /r/askTRP 26/08/16 01:08 PM

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