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876 Summary of How To Win Friends and Influence People. Great guide for a beginner who wants to improve their charm! Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 08/05/16 08:34 AM
789 Techniques from How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 20/07/16 08:08 AM
388 A simple tip: Walk and talk slowly. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 11/07/16 08:43 AM
211 11 lessons from Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 16/05/16 01:50 AM
198 Six fundamental ideals you should aim for in transforming yourself into a strategic warrior - 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 20/06/16 01:11 PM
195 Main ideas from The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 26/06/16 12:32 PM
117 The Seven Deadly Realities from Mastery by Robert Greene Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 25/12/16 11:39 PM
113 Academic studies supporting The 48 Laws of Power (progress so far) Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 21/05/16 02:35 AM
83 Summary of the 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 12/05/16 12:28 AM
76 Here is what has made me handle depression Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 19/07/16 12:45 PM
76 I'd highly recommend the book Primal Branding which ties in very closely with Law 27: Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult like Following Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 02/05/16 02:58 AM
71 What To Do When SJWs Attack Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 28/07/16 08:04 AM
67 How to Work a Party Like a Politician Works a Room - from How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 20/07/16 07:41 AM
58 When people successfully break Law 38: Think as you like, but behave like others. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 20/05/16 02:00 AM
52 These are the 9 types of seducers as described in Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction. Learn which one suits you and use it to your advantage. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 08/05/16 08:22 AM
47 Ryan Holiday's Books To Base Your Life On. A great list for anyone seeking truth! Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 16/09/16 04:12 AM
44 Some conclusions I came to from reading the 48 Laws of Power Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 18/07/16 02:59 AM
43 So you want to improve yourself... Here are a few tips that I found help me feel better about myself. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 02/06/16 02:54 AM
40 The Politics of Life: 25 Rules for Survival in a Brutal and Manipulative World Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 02/07/16 04:34 PM
32 The Just-World Fallacy. A cognitive bias you likely experience, and should become aware of when swallowing the pill. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 17/05/16 12:16 AM
30 What does PUA, MGTOW, MRA's and TRP's have common ground on and what do they strongly disagree on? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 23/11/15 01:32 AM
26 How have you used the 48 Laws to your benefit? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 19/03/16 12:47 PM
25 The four happiness myths from The Happiness Trap Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 12/07/16 01:51 PM
23 24 stages of the seductive process from Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 14/05/16 12:43 PM
22 How does TRP feel about the push for people to talk about their depression and mental illness? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 23/11/15 09:50 AM
22 Are girls with hair dyed unnatural colours a red flag for you? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 07/04/16 09:27 AM
21 Feminists, if the Men's Rights Movement is toxic, how would you suggest men's issues get resolved? Debate throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 11/02/16 10:12 PM
20 Those who went from emotionally fragile to strong, how did you do it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 13/02/16 02:00 AM
20 The charisma styles, as described in The Charisma Myth Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 10/05/16 01:31 PM
19 How many Red Pillers had a mother who was abusive or emotionally neglectful? throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 17/10/18 06:59 PM
18 Once you understand each law from the 48 Laws of Power, memorise them. Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 24/05/16 05:11 AM
17 Stages of Personal Power Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 12/07/16 02:22 PM
17 The Art of Seduction seducer type: The Rake Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 09/05/16 12:02 AM
17 Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal and Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 21/07/16 10:00 AM
16 What are the subreddits which Red Pillers get automatically blocked from? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 14/12/15 07:14 AM
16 Does anyone else find themselves more drawn to the blue pill again once your life begins to improve, only to revert to red pill once blue pill causes you to lose success? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 10/02/16 04:27 AM
15 Why the hell would an asexual use Tinder? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 01/10/15 06:35 AM
15 Is agree & amplify a good way to bounce off criticism in general or only suitable for shit tests? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/09/15 05:01 AM
15 i feel like i've completely lost myself as a person. the person i was doesn't exist anymore: my being has been consumed by self-help and red pill. throwawaycomedian95 /r/exredpill 04/01/19 11:56 AM
14 When it comes to bulking, is it fine to only focus on your protein and calorie goals? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 12/01/16 02:41 PM
13 What advice would you have given your younger self when he started aspiring to improve? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 27/03/16 10:34 AM
13 If someone says "No" to a joke you made, how do you agree & amplify that comment? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 28/01/16 01:57 PM
11 Who are modern examples of Law 25: Recreate Yourself? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/02/16 01:11 PM
11 How To Win Friends and Influence People is a great guide for not stepping on anyone's foot, but how do you draw attention to yourself? Law 6: Court Attention at all Costs throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 24/05/16 04:15 AM
11 Ex-lazy fucks who are now hardworking, how did you do it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 14/12/15 01:01 PM
11 Should I let jokes at my expense slide if they're about a positive trait? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 16/05/16 02:08 AM
11 In 48 Laws of Power, with law 38 "think as you like but behave like others", who are good historical examples of people who followed this and caused a group of people they led to change their mindset? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 30/10/15 10:03 AM
10 What do you do when you can't afford to have a bulk diet? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/07/16 12:39 AM
10 "Law 16: Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor" What if you're known for negative reasons, will it increase your respect anyway or just make your name become more strongly associated with said reputation? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 12/05/16 12:50 PM
9 Who created TRP? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 05/05/16 12:40 AM
9 What has had the biggest contribution to improving your SMV? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 04/09/15 02:30 AM
9 What are the best books on social skills? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 19/07/16 01:15 PM
9 Is it better to go to clubs alone or with friends? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 01/10/15 01:44 PM
8 Best ways to add value to group conversations? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 17/01/16 03:49 PM
8 What is TRP's take on the study that women have become far more promiscuous than men? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 14/09/16 12:46 AM
8 Can someone please explain text logistics or link me to a post which explains it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 04/09/15 01:37 AM
8 Q4BP: I often see accusations of TRP encouraging emotional abuse and emotional manipulation, but I honestly can't say I've seen it. Can you please specify what part of Red Pill philosophy you mean? Question for BluePill throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 13/07/16 07:33 AM
7 What books have helped me the most for self-improvement Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 13/06/16 02:43 AM
7 How to detect attraction on the dance floor? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 10/01/16 05:02 AM
7 What is TRP's thoughts on this video 'Asking 100 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)'? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 02/12/15 09:04 AM
7 Can someone please explain this quote from the 50th Law? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/02/16 03:43 AM
7 I'm a champ at general conversation, but how do I bring it to the next level? How do I make the conversation engaging? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 05/10/15 10:01 PM
7 A girl from Tinder I've started talking often to constantly degrades herself. How do I respond? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/10/15 11:30 AM
6 How would you respond to one of your plates confessing they really like you? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 04/05/16 12:33 PM
6 48 Laws of Power when it describes law 6, it says "better to be attacked/slandered than ignored." How? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 03/12/15 10:48 AM
6 One group keeps mocking me. I can hold frame but I feel like even if I agree and amplify, people will continue to do it to try get superior over me. What would be the way of ending it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/11/15 09:50 AM
6 Doesn't "Law 36: Disdain things you cannot have" seem petty? Isn't it better to seem completely unaffected by it rather than have contempt for it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 27/04/16 10:10 PM
5 Is reading productive? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/08/16 12:18 PM
5 Shit-tests over Facebook? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/11/15 09:36 AM
5 The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli (Chapter 21 - Gaining Honours) "Machiavelli also notes that it is wise for a prince not to ally with a stronger force unless compelled to do so" Why? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 06/12/15 03:06 AM
5 Anyone feel like it's going nowhere with social skills? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 01/10/16 11:52 AM
5 Is it generally good or bad if a woman mistakes you for gay? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/10/15 08:59 AM
5 Where do you draw the line between showing plenty of appreciation and being a suck-up? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 22/09/15 09:36 AM
5 Is overcoming shyness and developing charm just a lost cause for some people? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/11/15 10:54 AM
5 Has anyone experienced a second anger phase about society? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 01/06/16 04:04 AM
4 Should I adjust my diet to gain weight or maintain my current weight? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 03/05/16 05:50 AM
4 Guard your reputation vs Not giving a fuck throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/03/16 02:52 AM
4 Is "follow your dreams" RP or feel-good advice? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 12/11/15 12:21 PM
4 Law 44: Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect makes no sense to me. Can someone please provide examples of it in everyday life? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/05/16 12:03 AM
4 What are your results on the Dark Triad test? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 23/04/16 10:29 AM
4 Just letting out some feels. Any way I can help the guy? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 05/01/16 01:26 PM
4 I'm not sure I 100% agree with the Machiavellian maxim throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/02/16 05:08 AM
4 Does anyone else feel like they lost a creative spark when they started following TRP and self-help? How do you create a balance? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 24/01/16 02:40 PM
4 How do you respond if a leader of a group starts picking on you? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/03/16 12:32 AM
3 SMV-increasing hobbies? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 15/12/15 03:18 PM
3 Question about the repentant rogue in Law 3 throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/05/16 02:30 AM
3 When do you interrupt in group conversations? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/12/15 09:22 PM
3 Stages of Personal Power in Organizations Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 05/07/16 12:34 PM
3 How do I be less sympathetic and be okay with having enemies? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 30/09/16 02:05 PM
3 I'm not sure I 100% agree with the Machiavellian maxim "Do not defend against your attackers, attack them; justification is a Machiavellian fallacy. Do not justify, stipulate." Do you agree with what I'm saying? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/02/16 04:19 AM
3 When I told my mother about me going to the gym, she said "but you're not there because you want to get muscles, you're there to just go for runs." What the fuck is the benefit for her or me in saying that? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 27/10/15 04:55 AM
3 What are your thoughts on this Metro UK article about MGTOW? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 27/11/15 09:32 AM
3 Do you agree with this quote from The 48 Laws of Power? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/05/16 01:40 PM
3 What are your thoughts on this quote about being at the expense of your bosses jokes? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 03/06/16 11:05 AM
3 What do you think of this study: Altruism more appealing than physical attractiveness? Science throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 19/01/17 06:51 AM
3 The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli (Chapter 21 - Gaining Honours) "Machiavelli also notes that it is wise for a prince not to ally with a stronger force unless compelled to do so" Why? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 06/12/15 03:06 AM
3 What are your thoughts on the line in Law 26 "the mistake does not vanish with an apology; it deepens and festers"? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 29/01/16 01:26 PM
2 Models vs 48 Laws of Power? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 17/03/16 12:49 PM
2 Best ways to develop academic discipline? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/12/15 11:27 PM
2 What do you think of the book 'The wisdom of psychopaths : lessons in life from saints, spies and serial killers'? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 03/01/16 12:18 PM
2 How do you maintain a faith in humanity or a positive outlook on life? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 07/12/15 12:14 PM
2 What has helped you the most for developing a mind which is untampered by bad news or words? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/05/16 11:35 AM
2 I've started to consistently become the butt of jokes among a small group of friends. How do I change the dynamics here? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/12/15 07:51 PM
2 Ex-boring fucks who became funny fucks, what were the best ways you went about improving? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/12/15 12:32 PM
2 I'm just really fucking neurotic and I don't know how to stop it. Any tips? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 10/06/16 12:22 PM
2 Why Feminists Are Okay With Shaming Virgins throwawaycomedian95 /r/TRPOffTopic 04/01/16 02:45 PM
2 How do you deal with people who are over-eager to give input to a conversation, but won't give any acknowledgement if you give input yourself? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 07/05/16 12:22 PM
2 "Law 16: Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor" What if you're known for negative reasons, will it increase your respect anyway or make your known become mysterious and evil? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 12/05/16 09:27 AM
2 What has been effective for you to learn charisma? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/11/15 01:13 AM
2 I seem to be shadow-banned from /r/TheRedPill. How do I fix this? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/11/15 04:40 AM
2 Just letting out some disorganised thoughts about my life, plus a big thanks to TRP for making me move forward! throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 24/12/15 12:47 PM
2 Should I let jokes being made at my expense slide by? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 16/01/16 08:23 AM
2 How do you use Law 6: Court Attention at All Costs in your personal life? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 30/03/16 07:50 AM
2 What do you think of Machiavellian maxim "Love doesn’t conquer psychopathy"? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 17/03/16 09:46 PM
2 What are your thoughts on the line from 48 Laws "Martyrdom serves no purpose—better to live on in an oppressive world, even to thrive in it."? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 15/03/16 09:33 AM
2 What are your thoughts on BBC's recent documentary Men At War? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 17/12/15 11:28 AM
1 Best ways to look older? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/10/15 09:19 AM
1 48 Laws of Power contradictions? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 17/11/15 06:34 AM
1 What can I do to improve my SMV? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/01/16 08:36 AM
1 How do I deal with this situation? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/01/16 02:35 PM
1 How do you develop emotional resilience? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 23/10/15 09:50 AM
1 Meeting up with a girl from Tinder at a bar tonight. Any tips? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 02/10/15 10:15 PM
1 How do you deal from the sarcastic shit-test? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/10/15 11:04 AM
1 Why is Donald Trump frequently looked to as someone a Red Piller can take notes from? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 10/12/15 12:18 PM
1 With regards to Law 26, what if your cat's paw eventually tries to overthrow you? Sometimes being the law enforcer can bring you a level of respect among the people. throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 15/02/16 01:38 PM
1 What do you do if someone of a higher status within a group starts picking on you? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/03/16 12:22 AM
1 How can you make a bad reputation work in your favour? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 08/12/15 03:07 AM
1 What are your opinions on these contradictions between 48 Laws of Power and How to Win Friends and Influence People? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 05/03/16 07:48 AM
1 Today I discovered I likely have aspergers. Has anyone overcome the challenges of it? How do I make the most of my situation? How do I improve my social skills? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/07/16 07:03 AM
1 Anyone else dealt with erectile dysfunction? How do you overcome it? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 02/07/16 04:45 PM
1 How can 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene be applied to everyday life? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 06/12/15 08:39 AM
1 Is it okay to introduce your friend to TRP if he starts expressing Red Pill sentiments? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 23/02/16 12:00 PM
1 How do you make it clear you're pro-social teasing, and make sure you don't accidentally start doing anti-social teasing? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 09/04/16 11:18 PM
1 Question about Law 28: Enter Action with Boldness throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 30/05/16 11:24 AM
1 When criticised, when do I attack back and when do I just apply agree & amplify? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 10/05/16 10:15 PM
1 Aspies who became social animals, what's your story? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 26/12/16 01:14 AM
1 What do you think of Machiavellian maxim "Love doesn’t conquer psychopathy"? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 17/03/16 03:28 AM
0 INFP's with TRP? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 21/12/15 02:02 AM
0 Why do you lift? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 31/07/16 01:29 AM
0 Alexis Ohanian, beta or alpha? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/12/15 02:57 PM
0 Does Law 6 apply to Bill Cosby? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 15/01/16 07:05 AM
0 Every community is a circlejerk throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 17/01/16 12:14 PM
0 Why does TRP always say to lift? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 29/08/16 08:38 AM
0 How do I score with a church girl? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/12/15 02:13 AM
0 Why do men affectionately tease each other? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 13/08/16 09:14 AM
0 What do you do when you're losing motivation? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 11/04/16 10:56 PM
0 What books would you recommend on negotiation? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 12/06/16 02:05 AM
0 Should you ever take a joke at your expense or take no shit ever? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 30/12/15 02:17 PM
0 How does this quote from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius explain Donald Trump? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 20/02/16 09:10 AM
0 How do you prevent your bitches from trying to become monogamous? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 19/06/16 05:33 AM
0 I'll be willing to pay someone $10 via paypal to prepare my gym diet throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 22/07/16 10:50 AM
0 Why do speakers for men's rights always reference themselves to historical leaders? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 25/12/15 03:52 AM
0 Is there any way we can help out the guys over at /r/ForeverAlone? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 18/12/15 01:02 AM
0 How do you let go of past pains? I've been clinging onto an incident for a long time. throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 24/06/16 12:50 AM
0 Besides Trump, what popular brands are antifragile? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 24/04/17 05:18 AM
0 These are symbols of social status in the West. Keep it in mind when improving yourself! Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 09/02/20 07:55 AM
0 How does Donald Trump have the 48 Laws down to a T? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 27/12/15 06:50 AM
0 What helped you internalise an abundance mentality? throwawaycomedian95 /r/askTRP 28/09/16 11:32 AM
0 Donald Trump and Bill Clinton: A comparison (Law 3, 5, 6, 38) Red Pill Theory throwawaycomedian95 /r/TheRedPill 01/06/16 03:36 AM
0 What are your thoughts on Return of King's '5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Girl With Dyed Hair'? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 18/02/16 04:58 PM
0 Why are the /r/feminism moderators so totalitarian? throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 17/12/15 01:01 PM
0 Challenge My View: There is nothing dark about the dark triad CMV throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 05/02/16 02:17 PM
0 What are your thoughts on 'History of Feminism: The Cause that Ended Past Civilations'? Discussion throwawaycomedian95 /r/PurplePillDebate 02/03/16 09:43 AM

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