How to Settle Disagree

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November 27, 2019

Hello brothers, I recently found the RPChristian community and I am absolutely stoked about it! Upon discovering TRP about a year back, I felt overwhelmed trying to determine entirely on my own how my faith fits together with Red Pill Principles. What a gift it is to follow Jesus with you all!

Back in September, I started a Men's Small Group for fellow students at my church (a University Parish at a secular school), with the goal of having very informal weekly discussions (1-2 question prompts for 1.5 hours of discussion time) where we could really analyze & talk about ideas, and I could help steer the conversations towards various RP Christian Topics. The group was going amazingly well and had actually grown to about 12 guys, when the pastor called me into his office to say that he was shutting us down. He had given me a warning before, and essentially his reasoning was that since this was an official church function (taking place in the church building and all), church staff had to review and approve of all topics that would be discussed. He routinely expressed concern or disapproval about some topics I wanted to bring up when I briefed him on them (e.g. church teaching on gender differences, homosexuality, or pornography). I think he's worried that conversations about these 'deep' issues will somehow scare curious newcomers away from the church.

My question is where should I go from here? I've talked with my pastor at length about it, and the decision seems final. There's not much I can do about it regardless, since I'm just a student volunteer. I have continued to hold the weekly meetings at my apartment the last few weeks, but attendance has already dwindled down to 3 or 4 core guys. Should I try to keep holding the meetings and/or recruit more guys at the parish, and risk forming further tensions with the staff? Or should I just call it quits on this and try to serve/minister in other ways? I graduate in May, so I'm going to be moving to a different parish soon anyways.

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