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April 22, 2016

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I’ve detailed in many prior threads that mate selection is a psycho-biological function that millennia of evolution has hardwired into both sexes. So internalized and socialized is this process into our collective psyches that we rarely recognize we’re subject to these motivators even when we continually repeat the same behaviors manifested by them (such as having the second kid with the Alpha Bad Boy). So saying that we’re not subject to conditions we’re or are only vaguely aware of is a bit naive.

It’s simple deductive logic to follow that for a species to survive it must provide its offspring with the best possible conditions to ensure its survival – either that or to reproduce in such quantity that it ensures survival. The obvious application of this for women is sharing parental investment with the best possible mate her own genetics allow her to attract and who can provide long term security for her and any potential offspring. Thus women are biologically, psychologically and sociologically the filters of their own reproduction, where as men’s reproductive methodology is to scatter as much of his genetic material as humanly possible to the widest available quantity of sexually available females. He of course has his own criteria for mating selection and determining the best genetic pairing for his reproduction (i.e. she’s gotta be hot), but his criteria is certainly less discriminating than that for women (i.e. no one’s ugly after 2am). This is evidenced in our own hormonal biology; men possess between 12 and17 times the amount of testosterone (the primary hormone in sexual arousal) women do and women produce substantially more estrogen (instrumental in sexual caution) and oxytocin (fostering feelings of security and nurturing) than men.

That stated, both of these methodologies conflict in practice. For a woman to best ensure the survival of her young, a man must necessarily abandon his method of reproduction in favor of her own. This then sets a contradictory imperative for him to pair with a woman who will satisfy his methodology. A male must sacrifice his reproductive schedule to satisfy that of the woman he pairs with. Thus, with so much genetic potential at stake on his part of the risk, he want’s not only to ensure that she is the best possible candidate for breeding (and future breeding), but also to know that his progeny will benefit from both parent’s investment.


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[–]RP_WIP2 points3 points  (2 children) | Copy

I want to stress again that (most) women do not have some consciously constructed and recognized master plan to enact this cycle and deliberately trap men into it. Rather, the motivations for this behavior and the accompanying social rationales invented to justify it are an unconscious process. For the most part, women >are unaware of this dynamic, but are nonetheless subject to its influence. For a female of any species to facilitate a methodology for breeding with the best genetic partner she’s able to attract AND to ensure her own and her offspring’s survival with the best provisioning partner; this is an evolutionary jackpot.

You'd think women would know why they are so persistent in pushing their reproductive methodology to be the social norm. They don't. They don't know their own inner workings, which is why men can learn to game them. We game their instincts. We adhere to our own reproductive methodology because we know that the more stubborn we are to give into theirs, the better genetic candidate we are to them.

If the above excerpt were false and women knew about their own 'instincts' or 'nature' they would work harder in screening and vetting to find one male that can satisfy their dichotomy. The problem is, they conflict for a reason. If both men and women suddenly became aware of their own reproductive methodologies, it would not lead to a sexual utopia... It would lead to extinction.

Be glad it is the way it is. Its easier to appeal to a woman's instincts rather than her calculative pragmatism.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

How would it lead to extinction?

[–]Aiadon1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

If our brains wouldn't be hardwired for us to want to reproduce and feel pleasure in doing so, our species would at best be very different from what we are and most probably extinct. The instincts that make us(both men and women) vulnerable to manipulation are also the very instincts that allowed us tu survive and reproduce this far.

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