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Dominant trapping

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May 9, 2020

I have no idea how to explain this but I will attempt. Is there any frame formatting possible for a trap (passably feminine-appearing male; not trans) to lead otherwise straight relationships? Think: lesbian with a penis. I can be masculine in a relationship. A lot of it is Dark Triad machiavellianism; I have morals but I can and will purposelessly act opposite of them to get ahead in life, or sometimes just out of sadism. A little fucked in the head, sure, but I’m not going to steal your kids, fuck your girl, or burn your village down. Worse thing I will do is attempt to start a cult by plating women or engaging in polygamous relationships with women and brainwashing them with a good whipping, which I have done previously. I also have androgynous features, and I admit I cannot help but adore looking feminine or having feminine tastes, and being disgusted by entirely by masculine aesthetics. (I hold my suburban mom responsible for this; my dad never took control of the house) I’ve always loved the feminine, was an artist growing up, and basically just want to be immersed in a world of feminine tastes both on myself and my territory, as it gives me an emotional sense of divinity above the rest of the animal kingdom.

I’m starting to understand attraction works a lot on polarity. Like magnets, negative and positive attract, as do masculine and feminine in both hetero and homosexual relationships. However, there appears to be exceptions in biological beings, and a lot of it is based on curiosity and shadow personalities. (Reference Jung for the latter; think of gaybros getting each other off, or the sexiest lesbian porn you can find) My question is on how this can be manipulated by one who seeks to be feminine in appearance but masculine in a relational role. I most certainly can act like a man in a relationship; fuck if I want to look like one though because that shits not aesthetic to me at all.

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This subreddit is likely the complete opposite of where you should be asking this question in so many contexts

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