Update on the tinder from yesterday

25 matches, messaged 10, 8 wrote back

None of the convos really went anywhere and fizzled out after a couple messages back and forth. The girl who was gonna potentially meet up and have me eat her out never responded back.

I went to buy some pa++++ sunscreen but it’s too little too late I think, I really should have been using it since I was 20 and first knew about all of this. I can’t deny it or cope anymore, my skin looks beyond awful and much worse than it did back then. Idk what to even do, I’m gonna have to see a doctor and figure out if anything really can be done or how much retin a and a phenol peel might help me. I applied the sunscreen in a hotel bathroom and some old guy was gawking at me while I fanned my face and waited for it to absorb lmao.

It’s just over, I want out. I even thought about calling an escort because it’s legal here and prices are mostly under 100 usd, but I can’t even manage that. None of them text back.