So 2019 I was married while incarcerated and that lasted two years. Filed for divorce at the end of 2020. I was released from prison March 2021 and filed my taxes. I filed single not knowing better. No contact with the ex at that point. The following year the divorce decree came in finally (2022). That year I filed single/divorced. Ex wife left me holding some debt, paid it off. Lesson learned. I’m in school now and there’s a discrepancy. FASFA said that 2021 I filed single when it should’ve been married. I need to amend my 2021 taxes. I went to a tax preparer and they said in order to amend (1040x) that I need her SSN. Otherwise I can’t amend. Is this true or does anyone know how I can amend this without her SSN? I need this to continue financial aid for school. I have no contact with the ex wife. She’s somewhere scamming someone else. She blocked me on every avenue of contact as well. I don’t where she lives or who she is friends with these days.