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Mid-week check-in

December 28, 2021

How are you guys doing? Remember that we're all human, and it's okay not to feel okay. Some days are better than others...

Please feel free to share what is bothering you, or what you do to feel better.

Please have a look at our current event and consider participating.

Wishing you all a good continuation of the week!

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With a partner that’s very high risk in the Covid age, I have been pretty isolated and it definitely takes a toll. Not that I was going out much to begin with, but there are weeks I will not go out at all. Walking the dogs is always there, but the lack of contact with the outside world takes its toll.

I feel like I limped into this new year in terms of energy and emotional exhaustion. I dread work now because it’s monotonous. I feel like these are signs of depression but I’m generally in great spirits. It just kind of amazing how sensitive my mental well being is just by altering the norm a little bit.

Overall, things are okay. But I understand why people are “over” the pandemic, even with the health risks that come along with it. I think it’s the ultimate display of what it means to be human in that sense.

I hope you all are doing well this week.

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