Greetings to everyone who made it here. If you joined this sub you're probably, like me, not really "convinced" of the mods' decision to take TheRedPill and especially askTRP off of Reddit. I can only speculate about their reasons for doing this, and in the end it doesn't matter. What matters is that the fundamental "modus operandi" of TRP is to share wisdom with other members and give advice to people who need it. Our goal is not to indoctrinate as much people as possible, we're not a cult, but the bottom line always was that if you looked for us, you would find us.

The new site is not compatible with this idea of "being accessible". It's an obscure forum hidden deep within the Internet, but unlike classic PUA forums (which may have been the start of many of our journeys) it's only a matter of time until it'll be blacklisted from every major search engine. As far as I know, you can still access it on google by looking up very specific terms, but it's post won't come up in the results bar if you type in "girlfriend cheated on me after I did everything for her", like on Reddit. You can't click on the profile of the guy who posted a smart comment on your question on relationship_advice and see that he also posts in this interesting, quarantined forum called "askTRP", full of guys who really seem to know their way around women.

So until this situation has been resolved - which it undoubtedly will, as "moderators" typically like their power; so when they realize that no one uses their shitty website they'll probably reinstate their reddit subs - I'll do my best do help keep the community alive on Reddit. I'm not an EC on the main sub or anything, as a bunch of ultra instinct Alpha Males™ will surely cry out, but at least I'm not a pussy who freaks out and runs away because "muh Reddit changed their rules!".

So until then, I'll build this bad boy up, first thing is to get an automoderator going, at the same time I'll be making a sidebar (probably not an exact copy). I will enforce site-wide rules. This is not me being "cucked" or anything, I just want this sub to stay unquarantined for as long as possible. Contrary to what a lot of moderators of "controversial" subs say, my experience with the Reddit administration has generally been pleasant because I'm not autistic. A lot of the subs that get mentioned for being "unjustly banned", like the Dotard or consume product, had a long history of blatantly breaking site-wide rules for no reason other than being edgy. Their mods, instead of enforcing the rules which mostly wouldn't even have infringed on the spirit of the subs, either did nothing at all or passively encouraged rule breaking by looking for and highlighting loopholes.

If you have suggestions, post them here. If you know people within the community that might want to stay on reddit instead of migrating to a third party website, send them an invite. That's about it.