Lemme preface this by saying I’m 6’2, 180, <10% BF, handsome face,

Approached a girl from class who had given strong IOIs I had seen around a few times. We were talking about BS and I was teasing hard, challenging 60% of what she said, also throwing some implied compliments about her hair and agreeing with her here and there. She shit tested about me being serious and a few other things but basically I went and aggressively crushed her frame while not smiling much. The whole interaction was adversarial on my part. She said some interesting things and then started backtracking on them thinking it was dumb or I disapproved or whatever girls think.

Class starts and I’m sitting next to her and the whole time she seemed like she was trying not to touch, she was taking these deep, choppy breaths, she was fidgeting with her hands etc. The girl looks super nervous. I start to get cold feet and doubt myself. At the end of class we stand up to go and I walk out and turn to get the digits but she walked the other way.

TLDR: super crushed girls frame and she seemed nervous. I treated her like another dude I was trying to AMOG hard

My question is Should I reapproach? Was this too much push or was the timing just off? Other thoughts?