Yes I know abundance mindset, but I want to know. Girl I barley texted, came over a motmh ago, didn’t escalate too well, I got her to cuddle with me, then 10 seconds later she broke it off, offered her to spend the night, she didn’t say anything and thought about it, she ended up leaving on good terms with me. Haven’t texted her since, My parents are leaving the house to myself on fridays. Should I text her and invite her over again? I feel like I’m overthinking this, Just invite her over, and escalate more, don’t contradict it or have any self doubt. I haven’t had any experience with hookups in a long time, I don’t have much experience. Only way to get experience is to just do it. Should I go out for a drink with her first abs go back to my place? Or setup logistics at my house? Idk.. I feel like she was DTF but I didn’t capitalize on it