Lifting question, hernias

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July 20, 2019

I'm 63. Lurker. 6 books in on reading list. 5 foot 10.5 inches. Weight 198-207ish, varies. 16% navy method. TRT shots.

I had a polyp rupture of the small intestines, an emergency room surgery and had a 6 inch vertical incision just above the belt line.

Waited till the Dr said I could workout again. And later had an incisional hernia. Got it repaired and later happened again.

Third surgery, got mesh and so far so good.

Now doing weights again, dumbbells, lower weight, higher reps. 3x week. HIT runs, 3x week.

Is there an abdominal support, so I can get on with higher weights? Or a know good workaround?

Don't want more surgery, stomach looks like Frankenstein's.

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Title Lifting question, hernias
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Date 20 July 2019 04:42 PM UTC (1 year ago)
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[–]screechhaterRed Beret6 points7 points  (1 child) | Copy

51 and been very hard on body in relation to work.

Squatting has always seemed to get everything in my body in tune. I like the big compound movements as lots of shot is getting worked at once.

I have had to start with a broom stick and work my way up from injuries due to auto accidents. Take your time. Take it easy on the weight loads.

A PT changed my life after a multi story fall.

[–]Elvis_Death1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Construction site?

[–]helaughsinhidden12 points13 points  (0 children) | Copy

Belts might help, but dude your medical condition is so unique and personal that you should actually talk to a Dr , PT or OT, and meet with a trainer.

[–]nikfury69[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

The diagnosis was diverticulitis. A small pouch on the small intestine that ruptured. At the time, I thought gas pain. Meanwhile intestine contents were spilling into the body, and if it had taken longer, death by sepsis.

Being an emergency surgery, less on the neat and tidy. Same surgeon repaired the first incisional hernia. A different surgeon did the last repair with mesh. Approx 2 1/2 years overall.

I lift hay bales and feed sacks all time, less than 125lbs, with no issue. Just use the knees, form, etc.

I wasn't lifting much over 200 before this happened, no belt or gear. Started with machines and transitioned to free weights. Work has a full gym. : ) Now on dumbbells.

Funniest thing, I no longer have a belly button. Just a slash.

Will go over to our main facility and check with the trainers, then an OT.

T was under 300, currently taking 1ml testostcyp per week injection. No estrogen blockers. Not sure if the lab check those levels. Going back to see the new levels, in a couple months. I'll ask

[–]WolfofAllStreetz1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Not sure id be messing with higher weights with your issues, speak to a medical professional.

[–]0io-Tsundere0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

I think you need a good doctor and trainer to figure out what's causing the need for all these surgeries and you should probably just avoid anything that makes it worse unless there's a way to fix the problem completely.

[–]BobbyPeruRed Beret0 points1 point  (3 children) | Copy

Like others have said, this is a good question for your doctors. But, I’m curious how much TRT are you on and what are your before/after levels of TRT. I ask because most people I know have 1500+ levels (including myself). Also, are you on an estrogen blocker?

[–]RoccoPinkman0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

Would you take anti-e on 1500mg per week? I’m on 1500mg test e per week now, self prescribed (it’s a long wait/costly in the uk for TRT).

[–]BobbyPeruRed Beret0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

Where do you get it? Can you buy over the counter in UK?

[–]RoccoPinkman0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

No I have to buy UGL. I can buy anti-e easily though on prescription. I’ve got letro but it’s way to strong it completely tanks all my E even when on cycle.

[–]ReddJiveRed Beret0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

The mesh is good stuff. It’s what they go with now. My BJJ instructor kept fucking around with his hernia. Thought it was tough guy time every time he pushed it back in. I had a talk with him told him what could happen over time. It was enough to scare him and his LTR. Next day he was in the pipeline. Any way he got the mesh and a month later was rolling again.

So my first recommendation is take your time getting back. And go slow adding weight.

There isn’t anything specific. What belt do you use now? I use a harbinger model. It’s padded and has the old man large lower back support. Its also larger in width and will give more support to your lower abdominal region.

Alternatively you could also try this

I am not sure how useful it will be lifting. Your only option if you want to lift heavy is to go slow. Listen to your Doc, maybe even find a trainer who knows a thing or two. There are many powerlifter who go on after surgery of this kind.

[–]RoccoPinkman0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

No I have to buy UGL. I can buy anti-e easily though on prescription. I’ve got letro but it’s way to strong it completely tanks all my E even when on cycle.

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