Relationship game: Control issues

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July 8, 2015


Relationships are never equal and this inequality often results in a struggle for power. A chain of command needs to be established early on. The feminist narrative has women battling men for control they don't really want and aren't capable of wielding. Do not submit to a woman and do not let her wear the pants in your relationship. If she can't or won't accept this, toss her ass back into the sea so she can find a good beta to manipulate/be unhappy with.


A power imbalance exists within every relationship. When two people come together for any reason, one of them will always have the upper hand. This is particularly evident in business relationships (employer/employee, investor/entrepreneur, etc) but it also applies to personal relationships.

There is no such thing as an equal relationship. Even if both partners are heavily invested in and striving for equality, inequities remain. One of you will make more money. One will be more dominant. One will be better at this or that and one will need the other more. Women talk a lot about equality, but relationships built upon this concept simply don't work because true equality isn't real. It's just a bunch of children women playing make believe. A healthy relationship accepts the inequities, putting the strengths of each partner together to create a more formidable entity and will have a clear chain of command (Captain/First Mate dynamic).

This chain of command issue - "who wears the pants" - is a constant battle in relationships today. Feminism has taught the modern woman that she's equal to or better than men and as a result she will expend substantial effort battling her man for control under the guise of equality. This is a giant shit test and it's one that most men fail. She doesn't really want to be in control, she only wants to know if she can control you. If the answer is yes, she will inevitably reach the conclusion that you are no longer a suitable mate. Think about it: How are you supposed to protect and provide for her if you're so easily manipulated? If she's got you under her thumb then she fancies herself better than you and if that's the case, what the hell does she need you for? Not a goddamn thing. If she can run the show with you, she can damn well run it without you and that's exactly what she'll do unless she needs the resources you provide, in which case welcome to BetaBucksVille.

Women throw away perfectly good husbands every day because they've lost all respect for him. As soon as she succeeds in taking control, she begins to emasculate him, challenging his manhood, withdrawing sex and so on. Next thing you know you're a veritable pet with a paycheck. We've all seen men like this. They spout the "Happy wife, happy life" nonsense and give their live-in succubus free reign over their lives. Whatever her fickle whims today, he is there to comply. Many of us have been him. Some of us still are.

So what's a man to do?

A woman's submission is hardwired. Even a high powered CEO bitch wants to let go and submit to a dominant male, but she's been raised to fight her natural instincts in this matter. The quickest way to overcome this is to remain unmoved by her attempts to control you. Establish the Captain/First Mate dynamic early on by not blindly submitting to her demands. Ask her to do things for you frequently to increase her investment in the relationship and foster compliance. If she wants something from you, make her ask politely and give her an answer prior to complying so she understands you are doing her a favor and it's of your own free will. Ask something of her in return so she's invested in what you do for her and less likely to abuse the privilege.

Additionally, a man should say what's on his mind without concern for how she might respond. We spend a lot of time in our heads attempting to predict our partner's response to various situations and changing our approach to suit our often erroneous conclusions. Stop this. It makes you look weak, like you're kowtowing to her (because you are). She's a big girl and you don't need to walk on glass around her. If she can't handle the cold, hard truth of what you have to say, consider returning that fragile little flower to the field you found her in.

None of this will work if you haven't made something of yourself. If you sit on your ass playing video games all day, she's not going to respect you. If you're working for minimum wage, a nine with an economics degree and $80k job isn't going to play ball. She might fuck you when she's bored with her BB, but she won't submit to you in a relationship.

Lessons learned:

Be a man worth submitting to. Don't accept equality as an excuse to share control. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be the Captain of your relationship and throw her back if she can't get behind you.

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[–]evileddy4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

Whomever is least invested in any relationship holds all the power.

[–]AlphaXpipubs1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

You just don't control... you enjoy. She is with you or she isn't. Her choice... not yours. All you can do is be a man she wants.

[–]AureliusThunderkok-5 points-4 points  (0 children) | Copy

That whole Captain/First mate paradigm just sounds gayer than cum on a moustache. Does it not presume that Kirk was fucking Spock?! That just does not sound attractive to me.

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