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MeToo Is a Hate Movement

November 27, 2022

I think MeToo counts as a blatantly misandrist hate movement, and I'm glad to see the backlash it's gotten more recently from the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. Being out today at a second hand place and looking at some magazines they had there and seeing this movement get a mention on one of them reminded me how sick and tired I am of this movement and their blatant anti-male agenda. Pretty much right off the bat they got hijacked by radical feminists who pushed their dangerous and discriminatory "Believe all women" mantra which completely destroys due process and has resulted in many innocent men being punished over false accusations. Also re-inforcing the false notion that women are always victims and it's only men who commit any sort of violent crimes or sex offenses.

There's also how male victims of female violence and sex crimes are often completely ignored and brushed aside, and whenever you would bring up that men are also victims of female violence and that sexual harassment/assault, rape, domestic abuse, etc. is something many men have also experienced from women you often get the usual feminist retort of "Stop trying to silence women," "Stop bringing up that women harm men only when women share their stories," "Start your own dialogue about women abusing men elsewhere but please keep it out of this," etc. Let's not forget the numerous misandrist garbage that resulted from it as well between the Gillette ad and "Educate your son" meme. Both of which are clear anti-male discrimination. It also led to the fraudulent Time's Up organization which got exposed as a big fraud sometime ago, and that organization is also discriminatory with how it too fails to acknowledge male victims of female offenses and doesn't campaign to also protect men and boys from harassment and such. Itself a blatantly biased practice to ignore and exclude male victims when they deserve help as much as female ones do.

I despise this movement and am so happy to see they received some much-deserved blowback after the Depp/Heard trial. To see them still stand by and defend Heard even with the scores of undeniable evidence against her says it all and only confirms what was suspected. This movement was never about justice for victims of any sort of sexual violence or abuse but an anti-male hate and smear campaign. Designed to make women fearful of men and weaponize false accusations. The sad irony is that both legit male and female victims alike will have a harder time than ever coming forward with their stories; male victims will continue to be mocked and ridiculed and not be taken seriously, while female victims will be accused of lying and seeking fame and money. This movement is the worst thing to happen to male and female relations. It deserves to be outed as a hate movement.

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[–]DistrictAccurate 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

A good portion of our opposition does not bother to read beyond the title - and their interpretation of the title might influence their subsequent intepretation of the post when they do. If anything (and regardless of whether I would agree with that assessment), a title like "MeToo is not about justice for victims" or "MeToo does not do victims justice" or something like that would be less prone to be misrepresented. As it stands, those who otherwise do not engage with male advocacy might as well replace "MeToo" with "Victims of sexual violence speaking up" - and the resultant title would be the opposite of what we preach.

[–]Bookkeeper-779 3 points4 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Well said. It's terrible that "only women can be victims" is a widely accepted notion to begin with. I hope with Johnny Depp's case being so well-known that society starts taking female-on-male abuse seriously, but I'm doubtful.

It's strange how feminists will take any mention of men's struggles as an attack on women. Just acknowledging male assault victims is "silencing women" somehow.

When something as serious as going through domestic violence is dismissed just because you were born male, that's when you know you're dealing with slimy misandrists.

[–]KingInChess -1 points0 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

News flash: Women only say it's silencing them when men make it a point to bring it up when a woman is telling her story, essentially trying to take away attention from them and put it into themselves, instead of just making a story themselves.

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