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"The Future Is Female"

April 15, 2021

I saw this abhorrent slogan on the cover of a magazine at work and was reminded of how much I despise it. In 2021 this terrible, blatantly misandrist slogan is apparently still in fashion. Feminists wonder why they get painted as anti-male, well their embrace of slogans like this are exactly why. It's bad enough the obvious and blatant misandry of the slogan itself but it's origins are just as bad with how it's actually calling for male genocide. This slogan is every bit as bigoted and harmful as sayings such as "white power" or "make America white again" and is basically just feminism's version of sayings like that, slogans and phrases rooted in bigotry and supremacy. "The future is male" would be decried immediately as being sexist and promoting hate against women, and yet this slogan is still seen as not only acceptable but as something to encourage. As someone who's politically very left with most of my beliefs, this kind of thinking isn't my idea of gender equality at all. I want a future where everyone, male and female alike, is treated equally.

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