That is it, is not fucking patriarchy, is not gender roles, is not men's inherent beingness, simply put men on average lack far more general validation and positive reinforcement than women or even children, when a man feels like he's never been honored or respected in a good fashion for anything be it his accomplishments, credentials, moral actions or legacies, this can make a man go into overdrive and do anything to fill in that psychological void of lack of respect and appreciation. Whether that's joining gangs, joining a hate group, enrolling in the military, become a career politician or even become an influencer or celebrity. But society and feminists especially , being the dense minded buckos that they are, are refusing to look at the problem, overcomplicating it and blaming it on men as a whole. As usual, they're gonna go to the usual escapegoats such as ''PaTraRcHy'', ''MaLE PrIvIleGe'', and don't forget their new boogeyman, testosterone.

So the bottom line is: Is harder for men to earn their honor, dignity and respect much more than society could care to realize. but by vilifying men's actions against them, more fuel is only being added to the problem.