I’m so done with everything. I hate this world so much. Everything sucks, everything is garbage. I hate my parents for making me alive, if there’s a god I hate them for making the world.

I get so angry, I actually take pleasure in imagining that my death will make everyone around me suffer. I want to hurt as many people as possible with my suicide. I feel like everyone is my enemy, that everyone has wronged me, and I want revenge, and I don’t care if that comes in the form of my own death. My mother will be upset? Good. I hope so. I hope that everyone I know gets to feel the powerlessness and worthlessness and unhappiness that I have to feel every fucking day. I genuinely take pleasure in that idea. A final revenge.

The amount of hate and invalidation that I see towards men - it’s enraging. These pieces of shit, these smug, stuck-up, insufferable neoliberals with their lecturing on fairness and equality - these people cannot bring themselves to see men as human, let alone worthy of compassion. And conservatives? Well, you may get the human part, but still no compassion.

I’ve gotten close to trying before. I’m so close now. And I don’t have anything else to live for. My existence is torment. I would give anything to have never been born at all.

None of this matters, anyway. Just go ahead and call me a school shooter in the making, like everyone else I’ve ever trusted has. Just like the kids in elementary school who said they were afraid of me. It’s just gonna make hate everyone even more, and give me another reason to finally free myself from this intolerable life.