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November Art Challenge: "Memory Oasis"

November 14, 2021

Hi all,

Welcome back to the fourth iteration of the sub art challenge. October has come and passed, and now we’re already halfway through November. A big thank you to u/quesadilla_dinosaur for giving us a look at one of his expressive painting for this installment. Since many of you reading will already be familiar with this challenge, I will keep this post short and reiterate the rules.

The Challenge

The purpose of this monthly challenge is to encourage users to practice expressing emotionally what is conventionally difficult to express, especially for men. Perhaps we can understand one another better if we choose to communicate a different way.

To reiterate the rules, a monthly theme is provided and users are encouraged to post a submission that expresses what thoughts and emotions come to mind regarding the theme. Examples of submissions include but are not limited to:

- Sketches,

- songs,

- paintings,

- poetry,

- short stories,

- a set of jokes,

- photography,

- digital art,

- dance to a song, and

- crafts

Please refrain from posting hateful or pornographic content in your submission, and ensure it falls within the general rules of the sub. You may create your own post for your submission so long as the Art tag is added. The only other limit is your imagination.

This month's theme: "Memory Oasis"

Submission are due December 13.

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I don't have an oasis in my mind, a place of cool comfort to which I can travel at will.

Memory has always been hazy for me. Suggestions and impressions, mental scenery that might have been a dream.

For far too long, my memory was weaponized; its main use to inflict painful shame at my every gaff and faux pas.

If I hurt myself enough, maybe I will learn to become the kind of person that other people liked.

Perhaps that's why my memory is hazy.

Mist doesn't hurt.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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