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losing virginity story + tips for changing your status when moving from high school to uni

October 17, 2021

Body Count: 20+ honestly lost count at this point

Bare in mind I was blue pilled during this whole story so if I were to go back in time I would do it a little differently.

My highschool experience was uneventful. I had a small tight nit group of 5 friends and we mainly just played basketball during break times and after school. All of my friends lost their virginities by age 14 apart from me. I always wanted to lose it to the most attractive chick at school but I never put myself out there. I was completely lost on how to approach it. So when highschool ended I decided I had to lose my virginity during the first year on university, I hoped the set deadline would force me into action and it worked.

My BP thinking was that the most attractive women logically deserves the most attractive man. The most attractive girls in highschool usually went for the most popular/attractive guys So I set myself up with the goal of becoming as attractive and popular as possible.

A few months before University started I enacted a massive overhaul of my lifestyle and habits.

I knew the majority of guys are out of shape. I started working out 5 days a week whilst making sure I ate 3000 calories before 12 midnight every day.

Then I got into a habit of always getting a medium top skin fade haircut every two weeks.

I kept my pubes, facial hair and arm pit hair clean shaven.

I stopped wearing my track suits every day and I used my temp-work money to buy 5 well fitting casual outfits (one for each day of the week), usually a woollen sweater with a neat design on it, under that I would have either a plain t-shirt or casual shirt with straight jeans and I switched my Jordans for leather bugatti shoes that I stole from my uncle.

I invested in colognes, fresh gel pens and clean leather note pads for note taking. Folders and plastice envelopes.

I switched my back pack for a leather one strap

I knew that proper sleep was imperative to brain function so every day I would lie in bed with my phone off at 10pm and I would get up at 6am. Sometimes I would lie there with restless leg syndrome for what felt like hours before finally drifting off. I had horrible insomnia throughout my teens but once I started working out and committed myself to the routine in diminished to manageable level.

I didn't do all of this just to get laid. I wanted people to look at me and think words like "professional" "authority" "clean". I wanted to start my adult career hitting the ground running. I grew up malnourished and broke so I always had a strong sense that I needed to be rich one day. I know it looks like tooting my own horn so i'll preface all of this that the last year and a half I got addicted to research chemicals and alcohol so my life has gone of the rails a little bit recently but I look back on my first year of university something that I finessed.


I got accepted and 4 months of prep paid off almost immediately. I acted kind towards everyone I met but I never gave them enough attention to ever give them the sense that I wanted to be their friend. I didn't need friends, I wanted to get laid and pass uni so that I could start getting paid. Everyone wanted my attention, everyone wanted me in their group projects, girls introduced themselves left right and centre and invited me out to parties. I never waited for anyone outside of lecture halls, I'd only go to 1 party every Friday and I'd leave early anyway to get home before 12 because I didnt want to ruin my sleep schedule. I knew that if I let one of my disciplines fall behind the other were soon to follow and id fade back into obscurity.

During this time one of the most attractive girls i've ever seen till this day introduced themselves to me I'll call her Alice. She invited me out to study with her at a food mall and I obliged. I had zero game. I played it as safe as I could. I knew I wanted to pipe her but I had no idea how to even get myself into that situation. I knew that If she invited me back to hers then I would be able to work it out and that I'm athletic enough and know enough about what decent sex looks like to pull it off. But that initial issue of getting her to invite me back seemed like an unsolvable task. In the meantime we met up a few times to study in public areas, we'd study for about 45 mins then talk for 10 minutes before my timer went off telling her to shut up so that I could focus on my study again. This routine would quickly devolve into us talking for hours about topics we genuinely enjoyed. Needless to say I fell in love because she was actually extremely intelligent and could hold a conversation about the nerdy biological science topics that I enjoyed. In my head we were both falling in love with each other and both thought that we were made for each other. In reality she was getting piped but different dudes even hours before we met up whilst I'm rejecting hook ups with chicks who are only slightly less attractive so that I can lose my virginity with Alice.

Alice kept telling me "I need to meet her roommates" if a girl said this to me today i knew for a fact it meant time to smash but back then I took everything at face value and would change the topic.

The almost smash

Finally I get a booty call from Alice, a text telling me to come over to hers in track suits to watch a movie. I was so hyper I had 2 showers. I picked every hair immaculately off my face. I brushed my teeth 3 times. I chugged a pot of coffee and I ate 5 protein bars to make sure that I didn't run out of calories during the night. I go there. we're lying side by side but not touching. She says "dont you want to cuddle", I go "bet". We go though another movie and at this point Im ready to just tear her clothers off and ravage her but at the time I was so scared of getting me too'd I just gently stroked her hair. She gets so fed up with me that she turns around, grabs my face and starts making out with me. its go time we make out, i remember to avoid letting her lips have contact with my teeth because of a past criticism i got when making out with a chick. I grab her and position her in the center of the bed, I pull her top off with ease and start kissing her neck before moving down to her tits. I pull her pants off and kiss around her thighs before going to town her pussy with my tounge. Note this was the last time in my entire life that I ate a woman out, there was no foul taste, its just that i felt like a bitch for doing it after finding out just how many men she was piping during this time.

She orgasms and pulls my head away, I go to stick my dick in but im so anxious it just stays limp. Fuck my life. once she realises its not going in she just pulls me into a cuddle and tells me its ok. I apologise like a little bitch then we get to pillow talking. I tell her that's my first time doing anything sexual with a woman and she's in utter shock.

long story short the next day she shows up at my apartment undresses herself and she spends the next few months teaching me about all the deepest darkest desires women have in bed. Everything mentioned in the red pill about sex itself she goes through and explains it to me. I would have sex every morning and every night of every day during this time. I stopped working out, sleeping on schedule, studying, and the rest of the good habits I developed. I fall so madly in love with this woman until she cheated on me with a drug dealer and let me try anal on her as punishment but that's a story for another day. My search for why Alice did me the way she did is the reason I found the red pill in the first place.

Pump and dump spree I went on after Alice is the stuff of legends.

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