Been sleeping with this girl for over a year, FwB situation during lockdown where we would meet at a party, drink and then hook up. We never exchanged socials and never contacted each other so we would purely just see each other at parties.

A couple of months ago I got her number and started to message her, she would always reply 8+ hours later or just completely ghost but we would still meet-up at parties/nightclubs and then hook up afterwards. Occasionally I will message her and get needy and angrily reply asking why she’s ignoring me, 1st fail.

We haven’t slept together in about 3 weeks and we only met each other a handful of times at parties but never slept together mostly because she doesn’t want to hookup with me when she’s with a lot of her female friends. I understand it’s not going to evolve into a deep relationship but purely FwB so I don’t care that she wants our hook ups to be isolated with her friend groups.

Last night though we were both at a nightclub and I was just purely blanking her and never spoke a word with her all night while talking to other girls, I know that she was noticing. After we left the club she was flirting and getting close to another guy and at this point I was quite drunk so I walked other to her and asked what was she doing and asked if she was with this guy being noticeably angry. 2nd fail.

I’m going to be seeing her again on Thursday and I’m not sure how to approach it, whether to ignore her and see if I can salvage the shit tests or whether I should talk to her about it or just to drop the plate in general and move on.