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Fuck everything

March 2, 2022

im so fucking stressed all the time i hate living here at my parents house I feel like sometimes my mom annoys me and i feel disconnected and i fucking hate everything and i have no one to talk to about how i feel and how fucked up my head is and it fucking drives me insane im seeing a counselor but its only been 3 weeks i have issues self condience and self esteem issues i always feel like im not enough mainly due to being bullied in school and having a pornography addiction from age 13 i never had a sex life i just want some pussy my sexual needs arent being satisfied i just want my own place which im working on every day but im so fucking irritated and mad all the time and my emotions are fucked up and my head is fucked up and everything is fucked up i dont know what to do i just get so fucking stressed and mad and anxious and i fucking hate everything i just wanna rage and destroy fucking everything i feel like i fucking hate myself and hate everything and self sabotage i got mad in the kitchen and started slamming shit because its a mess from my mom hoarding the fuck out of everything and my dad got pissed and asked me what was wrong and i told him to shut up and im just so fucking stressed the fuck out i feel like this shit is never ending i just want to be happy i just want to be comfortable with myself

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If you have any friends, try talking to them about this and just vent. Hopefully you have at least one friend who will listen but if not, just remember that you will get through this. It might help if you think about all the good things you do have. It’s just practicing gratitude. Some people are starving or don’t have a roof over their head.

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