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How to proceed

January 10, 2022

I’m fucking horny, my parents are in TEXAS for vacation until tomorrow, so I have the house to myself tonight, I don’t have women in my life, besides this one girl who I’ve been responding to 4 days later every time she texts me and barely texting her because we haven’t met yet, but I’ve a feeling she’s into me. Told her we should go out for a drink sometime, she said she would love to, I don’t feel like drinking tonight, I just want to have a girl come over and smoke weed and fuck and cuddle, I’m thinking of txting her “ hey I’m doing this tonight, feel free to join me” I know I have to be in an abundance mindset. But at the same time I’m fucking horny and want to fuck this girl. Should I just tell her to come over? Or tell her to come to the movies with me tonight then take her back to my place?


*No oneitis *Maintained frame whole time *Didn’t give a fuck attitude, was confident *the entire time I never made her do anything she didn’t want to do, My focus was making her feel safe the whole time. I understand that you have to be confident, and escalate, but if she says no it means no and I made sure she understood that I had that vibe the whole time she was with me. *im a social butterfly, I can talk to anyone, I talk to strangers on a daily basis, maintain strong eye contact/ and am great at initiating conversation, I’ve done a ton of cold approaches, but to be honest, the last time I was with a girl on a date or hanging out 1on1 was 2-3 years ago, I didn’t focus on girls at all, I didn’t go to the bars or use dating apps. I got a couple girls numbers in public since then, a few at the gym too, but they never texted back. I feel like I have pretty high SMV, I make good money with my online business selling dog treats, I’m 6’3, 230 lean, handsome as fuck, confident etc. I’m saying this stuff because other people have told me, (people other than my mom and dad lol) been told I’m really funny, and fun, by a lot of women actually, have always gotten compliments on my eyebrows and athletic build.

I can tell she enjoyed herself, but I was planning on close fucking, if I don’t hang out with her again then whatever, there’s a million fucking girls out there but whatever

So i swiped up on her Facebook story and said I love that band (it was bad religion she was listening to) Then we probably exchanged like 20 texts about random bullshit over a course of 2 motnhs. Two weeks ago I told her we should get coffee sometime she said yeah that sounds like fun Then I invited her over to smoke weed, and play Mario kart on my gamecube She said omg I’m so down She comes over, we smoke, then we go inside and Then I put on a movie on Hulu, 3 mins in I grabbed her and she came up on me cuddling on the couch. Then like 30 seconds later she said I wanna see you play the piano so I said ok let’s go, then I taught her how to play piano and then at one point she said I think I’ve had enough for today (I was thinking I’ll just hang out with her and offer her to spend the night and escalate from there again) then we went back to watching the movie, and we were just kind of conversating, idk if I did the right thing by doing that and not getting her to cuddle again and going from there, but another thing too is that she didn’t know the whole time that my parents were on vacation, so maybe she was thinking about if they were to come home while we were fucking around but idk.. the whole time, I wasn’t trying to force anything, just flow with things, And then at one point she said I think I’m gonna go Then I said Ur welcome to spend the night my parents are on vacation and have the house to myself. She just said umm and didn’t say a response and then we talked for like 20 more mins and she said yeah I think I’m just gonna go home I have to wake up for going to the airport to pick up her sister or some shit, then I said no worries and then we conversated for another 20 mins and then she finally left. Let me know if I did anything wrong I can learn from please. Personally I feel like the main takeaway I got was not her being aware that we had the house to ourselves, I feel like it could have gone differently if she knew that when we cuddled, or maybe I went into the cudddling too early, we hung out for like 3 hours, and we cuddled ten minutes into hanging out. And she didn’t know we had the house to ourselves until like 30 mins before she left.. Idk 🤷🏽‍♂️

TLDR hung out for 3 hours didn’t get to smash

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[–]lolomotif12 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

OP you missed the opportunity. You didn't escalate enough. Fuck watching a movie, you should have done something more involving and fun with her at home. Drinks, charming conversation, maybe watched something more involving even like an interesting documentary where you could interact more and engage more.

This girl was down to fuck but like I said, you didn't escalate well enough. Should have charmed her, showed her your interesting personality, made her laugh, applied kino, take lead, kissed and escalated from there. Even before she left and she Said "Ummm" and stayed for another 20 mins, she basically gave you a second chance to escalate and was deffo DTF but you missed that opportunity too.

We live and learn, don't worry. Next time. But next time, you have to take the lead and show strength, you're the captain of the ship and she was in your ship. Act like it and lead where you want it to go.

[–]micewars[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

I showed her my interesting personality, I did make her laugh, we had a good time, but my struggle was not being captain of the ship 100%, only about 65%.. I was pretty much leading, but at one point she just said she was done learning piano after teaching her shit for like an hour. She never did anything she didn’t want to, she could have left whenever she wanted, but yeah I fucked up by Not having 100% lead and escalating correctly. But Fuck man great response thank you. I’m kind of mad at myself, not the girl, she didn’t do anything wrong she was great, but it’s totally my fault, I’m not gonna beat myself up over this, but I feel like my ego is telling me “you have to turn your escalating weakness into a strength so this never ever happens again” I feel like I’m getting in my own head, idk if I should. Just mad at myself for not doing what you said in the response.

[–]St31nway 3 points4 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

I don’t know all the details, whether or not you’ve met this girl before or if you’ve been on an actual date or not.

Either way, you are thinking with your dick. If she wants to fuck you, she will make it easy. Invite her over. If she doesn’t come then rub one out. It’s not that deep man.

You also need to stop being so indecisive. If you tell her you want to meet her for drinks, meet her for drinks. Stop being so wishy washy.

[–]micewars[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Read update

[–]Meloxian 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Wait until your parents get back and take em to pound town.

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