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Romanticize me

by 88Will88 | June 06, 2018 | MarriedRedPill


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Watch the video first then read the lyrics a couple of times. Then we can break this down in the comments.


So you wanna tell me that i'm lazy? I'm really just your laid-back man So you're trying to find where the spark went? Well i'll get around to that when i can Take all my faults and twist them in your head 'til i look like a sweet and thoughtful man Romanticize me So you're waiting, wondering when i'll wake up? When it comes to sleeping, i'm a talented man You wish i'd whisper that i love you? Just imagine it's there in everything i am Take all my faults and twist them in your head 'til i look like a sweet and thoughtful man Romanticize me If you're trying to feel better There's one thing you can do Take all of your dreams, and pretend they came true See i'm really kind of wonderful It's all about the way you choose to view it So you should be really thankful When i say, "come on, let's do it!"

Red pill logic is close to mainstreaming. This band has a whole catalogue of material which deals with the core red pill concept of living in a CULTURE INCREASINGLY LACKING A POSITIVE IDENTITY FOR MEN. However this is an underground band just as these subreddits are an underground platform so this is more of a canary in the coal mine than a revolution. Any man who watches the video will surely see the paradoxical way that society treats men. In fact if watching that video does not make you feel a little uneasy then you are not even close to understanding the society western men live in. I was going to write a longass post about this but I think this post will work much better by simply opening the discussion and leaving it up to our members to post their insights and comments.

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[–]bogeyd6 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy


[–]88Will88 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy

A bit close minded, obviously you are not the sort of guy who goes to art galleries or reads philosophy

[–]bogeyd6 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy

I also don't engage in homosexual activities or quilting in case you heard different.

[–]88Will88 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy

So bogey my man, you really should put this one through to the main page. The response will be confused bewilderment, which is exactly what this sub needs. You can put up Rollos latest indecipherable rant plus allow my indecipherable rant as well. My posts are meant to confound and challenge. This lame and weak sub needs people like me - YOU NEED PEOPLE LIKE ME SO YOU CAN POINT YOUR FUCKING FINGER AND SAY.... anyway, my advice is to embrace awesomely different dudes like me, trust me your sub needs me vastly more than I need it. Put it up, at least let the other mods pipe up with there alleged “opinions” so I can shoot those down like ducks in a back alley whore carnival game.

[–]cholomiteCholo Rojo - MRP MODERATOR0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

Man, if you think this is good, I can show you some Taylor Swift that will blow your fucking mind.

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