Any females here?

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January 9, 2020

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Title Any females here?
Author worldfullofanime
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Date 09 January 2020 10:32 AM UTC (1 year ago)
Subreddit antifeminists
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I did see a post that was from a female here a few days ago.

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yess here I am

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As I’ve commented before. Many females are anti-feminists because they see their ideas as un-needed. Since 1924 they gained the right to vote, since then they have had equal rights. (At least in the U.S) Women and men have been “equal” for a very long time. Feminists today believe women are above men (they are not, they are equal)

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Yeah. Absolutely right. And the fact that it keeps getting better and fairer with time moving on shows that it's an issue that might almost solve itself.

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Yes, and they say that they are more opressed than men while there are lots of things that affect more men than women

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Exactly. I'm still a "feminist" in the sense that I'm a feminist for..actual issues (child marriages, etc), but in America.......yikes.

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Only place in the US that I’m with feminists in is Alabama. They literally made it illegal to get an abortion. Let me say that again: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BABY

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Yeah, some of its hard for me to even be like "We need feminists for this!" But its obvious that there is inequality sometimes in America that needs to be fixed. However, current feminism is a joke.

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Anti-Feminist female reporting in.

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Not sure if my wife is subbed here, but she most certainly is anti feminist. This third wave feminism is just man-hating whilst doing stupid things with your hair and refusing to accept that being 360 pounds is unhealthy...

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I'm here.

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I'm here!

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You bet!

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My gf was feminist in name because she assumed that was the default at first. Then I talked about the MRM a bit and simply showed her videos/posts of how feminists behaved. The rest is history. Anyone, male or female, who doesn’t see how nuts today’s feminists are just aren’t paying attention.

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A woman who knows how to think for herself and isn’t easily manipulated by society and ideologies is worth more than 1,000,000 women. To all the women present here: You’re all amazing and we appreciate you.

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Yes, they are amazing.

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Right here!

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Yup, here!

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Female and lgbt.

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There are lots on r/MensRights

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Go to that subreddit too

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I am not but good thing that there are women against this sexist movement that “Feminists” are doing

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Who knows, maybe some have seen the light, or have just read the atrocities committed by some feminists

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Used to be one (I’m trans)

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That’s a lot of women for an Anti feminist Subreddit, please explain to me what’s goin on.

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I’m not a woman but I know that there are women that want to help us.

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It just shows that many believe that third wave feminism does not have women's best interests at heart. If the third wavers get their way then men will no longer exist on this planet. This will lead to a mass of social problems - depression will become the norm. I believe that you need both sides of a coin to be balanced.

So men need women and women need men - in general - not trying to dismiss homosexuality. But I often think the Ying Yang example the Asians use is very apt. Positive and negative, black and white, dark and light, aggressive and passive etc. You cannot be happy without also having been unhappy.

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We got a philosopher over here, I like dat.

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Why wouldn't there be?

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I'm a dude but my partner is also anti feminist

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