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Positive evolutionary aspects about male polygamy?

March 15, 2023

A lot of people in the sub are teetering on the verge of Black pill. Everyone laments about how hard it is to date as a man, and how hard it is to gain money, status, or better economic opportunities.

Taking these two things together, one can reasonably conclude that there is a very small subset of men that meet both criteria. Given that these chads are more inclined to have a higher sex drive than women, over the course of a few generations they can have a net positive on the human race.

Evolutionarily speaking, if more women get access to a better quality gene pool, then the average attractiveness of the human race should increase. Moreover, given the high cost of living end economic expenses to come with raising a child, most men probably are not in a position to do so anyways.

Therefore, as despicable as it sounds, a single attractive man who sleeps with a married woman, married to a Beta, And gets her pregnant actually results in a positive for the human race doesn’t it? Part of the reason why humans are taller now than they were century ago did because women were selecting for height in their mates.

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