Ranted about this before and feel the need to do it again and get it off my chest after seeing it the other day on social media, and I'm sure many here loathe this meme as much as I do. It has the words "Protect your daughter" crossed out and beneath that "Educate your son." I hate blatantly sexist campaigns like this which are nothing but male-bashing and again enforcing harmful stereotypes (usually peddled by rabid misandrists) about men being harmful to women and women's worst enemies, and playing into disgusting stereotypes about men constantly preying on women. Both sons and daughters should be educated and protected, and stupid campaigns and slogans like this overlook the issues at hand. And again also conveniently overlooking the fact many women also engage in bad and even harmful or malicious behavior (with both men and women alike) and never calling for them to be held just as accountable as male offenders. Stupid, sexist and ignorant campaigns like this and the Gillette ad do nothing to educate or protect either and only create division and start gender wars. It's just more "men are the problem" BS.