I was at Five Below earlier and among the T-shirts being sold is a shirt with this slogan on it. Do you agree it's misandrist? I think it is, and it's in the same boat as blatantly misandrist slogans such as "the future is female." I feel it sends a message of superiority and not equality and implies that a female-run world would be free of problems and that equality is to be gained at the expense of men and boys, and that's not equal to me at all. I feel "boys run the world" would also be a sexist and misogynist slogan for the same reasons, as it too would also imply gender superiority rather than equality. For true equality to be acheived, the world needs to be run by both good men and women who genuinely care about making the world a fair and just place for all and not just for one demographic. This slogan also kind of plays into the delusional belief that a female-run world would be free of anything bad and that it'll take women in charge to achieve world peace and such, which itself is an incredibly naive viewpoint. I don't think gender has anything to do with being a good or bad person or has anything to do with the world being a better place, and yet slogans like this re-enforce that notion.